A Little Self-Promotion

I guess a natural and slightly pathetic way to start a blog is to post something you've done previously. Me, sometimes I write articles. 25 Top Streaming Radio Music Stations To Expand Your Mind is an article I spent countless bored hours at work researching and prepping over the summer, posted at the site of one of my favourite internet communities.

Traditional internet radio is increasingly threatened by archaic copyright laws, user-driven Web 2.0 pseudo-radio and podcasts, and its continuous, unidirectional broadcasts are probably hopelessly antiquated. But it's still the biggest distributing medium for streaming content and attracts more of the slightly off-kilter outcasts, the unusual squares and the narrowly obsessed than all the more modern, demanding technologies. Also, it is still the technological tour-de-force in countries like Guyana, Tanzania and Uzbekistan and provides fascinating insight into the minds of the, er, middle-class self-important internet entrepreneurs in those countries, I guess, but also to a certain extent into their music scenes.

I say: stream right ahead.

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