Fun meme game + brief hiatus

I've been enjoying the "create your own (prog) rock artwork" meme game on and off for the past week. It's a nifty little excercise in the relationship between music and visual arts, the nomenclature of album titles and the genre-based design of album covers. I don't think I realistically "hit" the genre of either of the below two examples, but you see what I'm getting at:

Anyway, the meme has spread enough to have 923 hits on Google, so other people are probably enjoying it too. It's certainly fascinating to see what everyone else comes up with... Not so much in the apt combinations as the way you can use just little bits of graphics and typography to convey meaning.


I'm off to Malta for a week-long holiday with only brief internet access, so there will be no Genre of the Week this week unless I really take a fancy to ghana. Still, I'll see what I might catch of the music life of the island (Mathematikal seems to be a promising band) and there could be pictures, I got an IXUS for Christmas and I plan to use it. (Any tips on what music to look out for would be appreciated.)

See you in a week!

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