Feminist Initiative 4th Birthday Party Tomorrow

In case I've not made it explicitly clear yet, I'm DJing a set (or a couple of sets) at the 4th Birthday Party of Sweden's greatest political party, the Feminist Initiative, Saturday night.

Entrance is only 30 kr and if you become a member at the same time you can have it refunded. The location is Restaurang Momma on Södermalm, 20-01.


Anonymous said...


I would love to hear your thoughts and information on where F! is now.

On April 26th, I will be on a panel here in Long Island, New York that coincides with a showing of the movie "Feminist Initiative."

I think the movie says F! was going to try for the 2009 EU elections. But, I don't see a lot of news about them now.

My e-mail address is:
kimberlywilder06 at yahoo dot com.

The story about the event is here:


Anonymous said...

Oh! Now I see this is current and the news link. I can't read it all. But, looks like stuff is still happening. Would love a brief update in English of where things are at with F!


Birdseed said...

I've written to Kimberly to share my thoughts.