Vote, dammit, vote

I'm preparing a post about my ambivalence to the idea of party politics, but right now I'm too far gone into this campaign to be able to say anything other than this. Would you please go ahead and vote for the Feminist Initiative in the European Parliament elections? It's the clearest and most decisive statement against the growing tides of far-right ideology sweeping over Europe. If you can't find our ballots at your particular polling place, you can take an empty ballot and write "Feministiskt initiativ" on it. Nothing else, no names, or the vote won't count!

But, you're thinking, what is the soundtrack going to be like? You obviously pick a political stance according to your taste in music, and I don't blame you. Well, in a bizarre turn of events we've suddenly gone completely poptimist, after Benny from ABBA donated a million crowns (additional link link link link in Swedish) for a last-minute ad campaign. Now everyone is going around humming ABBA tunes in Sweden's most radical mainstream party - a beautifully ironic juxtaposition against the self-righteous prole-hate of the 70s progg movement, who denounced ABBA as reactionary.

You can be safe in the musical context as well. Please go right ahead: lay or your love on Fi.

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