Meanwhile, back at the tikitech...

Canalh alerted me to another instance of the pervasive safari-meets-global ghettotech stereotype, which I almost missed because the artists concerned (Crookers) are only marginally part of the scene. Then, of course, I saw the track listing...

(Post illustration from Crookers' own blog for a mixtape.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Johan,

Regarding what you said about Crookers being only marginally part of the Global Ghettotech scene, well I would disagree with this.

I would say that they were one of the first instigators of the scene (acc. 2 my own definition of Global Ghetotech and how I use the term)with their work for Man Recordings, their Elektro Baile Funk output for that label.

Just thought I'd mention this.



Birdseed said...

Cool, I didn't know that. These days I mostly see them on blog electro/new dance/whatever the genre is called blogs, so I assumed the connection went that way. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sadly they've become very mainstream now and with that far less interesting. I stopped digging their stuff a little while back, real shame cause they were just amazing at one time.