Doctors Warn Bass Is Putting Health At Risk

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK/STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (TP) - International superstar Bass is in danger of collapse or even premature death if she continues her current lifestyle, a leading physician claims.

"She's exhibiting distinct symptoms of a workaholic, and she seems unable to say no to offers."

Dr. Johan Palme at the Populärmusikklinik in Stockholm, Sweden warns that the musical superstar might be on the verge of breaking due to stress.

"We call it the disco syndrome. The patient is taken out of her social context and pushed to perform at many different levels at once, interacting with different groups and audiences. There's a risk of spreading oneself too thin, and the potential rejection the patient faces may send her over the edge."

Disco syndrome typically hits after an upsurge in his career leaves the patient feeling too confident of his abilities.

"You can't be everywhere at once," warns Dr. Palme. "Sometimes there need to be periods of rest."

The illustrious career of Bass as a major leading performer spans 43 years, mostly in the underground and with huge popularity in some subcultures, but the past year has seen her make enormous strides in popularity.

"She started to get invited to these big, cocaine-fuelled parties in New York where hipsters would fawn over her," says a long-time friend who only wants to be identified as "Birdseed". "Then before we knew it she was performing at malls and at commercial radio stations all over the world. Frankly, we're worried about her health."

Bass has faced crises before in her life, "Birdseed" tells us, notably receding in for periods of the eighties and nineties. But this time it's different.

"I've never seen her so bright and confident, but at the same time I'm worried she's working too hard," he says. "She's taken up company with all sorts of characters that I'm worrying will abandon her as soon as they find something else to play with."

Dr Palme claims that this sort of abandonment, while dangerous in the short term, may actually be positive for the patient in the end.

"The kind of life-crisis that Bass is facing is a distinct phase of disco syndrome that may in fact help the patient in the long run. Look at Disco himself, who after being summarily rejected came back stronger than ever before."

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