Paul Newman Goes Technopop

The thing I still like more than almost anything about Youtube is the users. The people who spend their life putting up video after video of unusual material that is watched by handfuls, yet provides a treasure trove if you happen to come across it. Today's favourite is, totally, mycub, whose entire channel is devoted to Japanese car ads from the eighties and nineties. Over five hundred of them.

Besides the staggering monomania this feat represents (worthy of priase in itself) they're almost compulsive watching - once you pop you can't stop. They're just thirty seconds long, immensely varied, fast paced, and to a non-japanese speaker mesmerisingly nonsensical. And they're almost all musical in some way - cars are represented by businesscore, folk rock, swing jazz, contemporary rock, classical music etc. etc., often specially written. I spent ages looking for one in a proper japanese technopop style and finally came across this one featuring Paul Newman:

Brilliant track (though not really techno kayokyoku), I've been trying to track it down for days with no success.

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