Closing time

The fact that this blog has stopped functioning as such will come as no surprise to anyone, seeing as to things like, well, the fact that there have been no posts in over a year. I had immense fun writing here for three-and-a-bit years (over 300 posts!) and some of the things I've posted here are still among the finest I've written, I think, from hits like the tikitech post and the succinct A Milli analysis to relatively unknown stuff like the longest post I ever wrote and the internal sex tourism post, or why not that sidchip post that got a great artist comment? And probably tons of stuff I've forgotten, as well as piles of really bad stuff.

Anyway. Reason I'm posting this right now (and not, say, a year ago which would have made sense) is that I've sort of begun working on a new blog. Nothing like as ambitious as this blog, clearly, but a simple tumblog:

(Link removed, see below)

See, the main thing I've really come to miss from blogging here is not long, complex reasoning, it's the little posts. Digging through a hundred Youtube videos to find that bhutanese countryside hipster electro track or whatever. I'm sure there are people doing it better than me out there, but I think there's a definite value in this sort of relocated context wrenching, stretching out relinkings that open up, while always wary of the post-colonial (male) tourist gaze this sort of thing inevitably invited. How that's going to happen exactly in a format of tiny captions is unclear as yet, but perhaps the ways forward inherent in Youtube as a platform (the contactability of artists, not least) will be enough. Do please call me out if I fail, though.

I will assiduously avoid reposting stuff from sources linked to Eurocentric club culture, because there are too many people doing that already.

Come by and say hello if you want!

Edit (2015-12-07):  Yet another three years later, the Thumblog is itself long gone. Instead, my writing appears elsewhere, and my only personal blogging platform is one about Christmas records: Records.Christmas.