More African dances

Since I actually got a response to my last post, I'm gonna make this week Africa week. Look out for a rather enjoyable genre of the week this weekend.

But to begin with I thought I'd see how many modern African dance types I could readily find on EastAfricanTube, the panafrican Juju Nation, plus international sites YouTube and Dailymotion. If nothing else, these genre names should give you an idea what to search for on the various sites if you want to find out more... All are fairly sedate (compared to mapouka) but inevitably involve females and/or males swinging their hips in a way that might be deemed inappropriate in an office environment.

Somali niiko:

Ivorian wolosso:

The inevitable coupé décalé (of which, by the way, at least a couple of others are novelty variants):

Cameroonian bikutsi:

The also inevitable (though brilliant) kuduro:


Kwaito (aka inevitable entry #3):

As far as I know Zimbabwean Urban Grooves doesn't have an official name for its dancing styles yet, but here's a video:


I'm sure there are many more and I'm just scratching the surface, please add more if you have any.


L said...

This is a great post!

Birdseed said...

Thanks! Sorry about the non-working niiko video - I can't find anything nearly as satisfying on NormalTube, though this one has a decently incongruous combo of booty and veil:


It's a fascinating dance, just like the somali culture is fascinating.

L said...

I just had to share this as well: