Azerbaijan and Bulgaria: The power of a great intro

One of this year's new countries is Azerbaijan and they're certainly off to a promising start. In fact, having now heard most of the entries I can safely say that they're one of the best so far.

Elnur Hüseynov and Samir Javadzadeh - Day After Day

I love the devil-and-angel scenography, the very on-trend (as previously discussed) operatic metal dance-pop music and the lack of any debutante respect. But what I like most about the song is the intro.

The rhythmless synth sweep, the totally secco opening lines, then the shouting over the guitar riff (a technique I've always loved). It's perfect. Now, I realise the rest of the song isn't up to as much (the second singer is particularly atrocious, though the weird breakdown section is brilliant), but I think that intro alone should propel them into the top ten.

Sometimes, though, a fantastically brilliant intro is probably not enough. Especially if you forget to add more than the sketch of a song to it. I'm looking at you Bulgaria:

Deep Zone and Balthazar - DJ, Take Me Away

I'd still vote for them, mind, for the sheer balls and the burning turntables.

In case anyone is interested, I've started to put together a playlist of some Eurovision favourites of mine, past and present, well-known and obscure. A lot of the material is new to me so expect more to be added here as time goes along.

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Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

I tend to agree with your theory that the intro to the song from Azerbaijan alone could put it in the top ten. Alas, the second singer is so horrific that he ruins the good will established by the intro. I'm not sure this will make it out of the semi.