Kim Jong-Il, The Spring Light of Love

Sometimes you come across these wonderful YouTube users and you wonder where they get all their brilliant stuff from. One current favourite, totally, is troublemaker1973, who specialises in the pop music of obscure communist dictatorships like Albania and especially North Korea.

I'm fascinated by the official state-sanctioned "pop" music of these places because its uniformly awful in such interesting ways (à la Tolstoy). Doesn't prevent it from throwing up occasional gems, though, like this weirdly haunting thereminbox-driven number by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble that troublemaker1973 assures us is "about Kim Jong Il":

Marvellous. I've yet to understand completely whether he's posting these videos seriously or ironically, but it's damned interesting either way.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is troublemaker1973. Thanks for letting people know about my YouTube page. The reason I'm doing it just because the music is so different and the DPRK is such a mysterious country. Maybe I will help people to better a understand the place.