Genre of the Week: Skacid

I'm just about to engage in the worst kind of lazy, contentless link-blogging - I simply haven't been able to find any info that's not on the first page of Google. But some genres are just too cool to pass up, especially those in the juncture between hip-hop, house and reggae, and this is quite possibly the first genre to join together all three - very briefly back in 1989. Yes, I'm doing the internet a disservice by decreasing the content-to-hyperlink ratio but come on, it's...


Double Trouble & Rebel MC - Just Keep Rockin'

(Wikipedia page)
(Visualisations-based Youtube "video" of another song)
(Well-made little genre page) [edited link title 2008-04-12]
(Revival attempt that I got the name from)
(Only published album, I'll keep a look out for it at record stores)
(Podcast of about four tracks)
(Largely unrelated hip-house video that I think Wayne might get a kick out of)


Anonymous said...

Great looking out, there's more info on Skacid available here on Squidoo...

Skacid Music Explained

Anonymous said...

Sorry -


Birdseed said...

Ah, well-done, your page was not nearly this interesting when I last checked it yesterday afternoon. Edited accordingly.