The Most Embarrassing Sound In The World

Last week I made a mix CD for a friend of my fiancées who's into disco and electronic music, and I snuck My Game of Loving by White Noise onto there. (Excuse the crap video, it ain't mine.) Apparently they listened to the CD quite a few times and every time that track came on they stopped and giggled in embarassment. If you listen to the track (in public, preferably) you'll probably figure out at what part.

Can anyone think of a sound that's more embarrassing to endure in a public place than energetic, female sexual moaning? There's probably a deeper feminist analysis to be made here, I think.


Anonymous said...

Haha yeah we deeply appreciated the bonding opportunity of mutual awkwardness you porvided us with. We actually had a lot of fun trying to figure out what all the languages were in that track, Sabina discovered some swedish singing!
& Thanks again for the cd

Birdseed said...

Mate, thanks for your CD too. Now that I've listened to it I'm thinking maybe I should have put more meandering instrumentals on mine, I like that kind of stuff too. :) You're a talented remixer, I especially like your more boogie-oriented stuff towards the end of the CD.