Some vinyl off a flea market, today

I'm in Hungary at one of the worst internet cafés in history so I'll keep it short. I've bought up a pile of records at the flea market in Budapest, no idea if most of them are good or not but I hope. Maybe someone with better insight can ident and/or judge their quality for me?

MIKI - Jól nézünk MIKI (Seems to be some sort of breakdance/electro record. Exciting!)
Modern Hungaria - Szív, zene, szerelem (A discoish record by the same dude as the above, plus wonderfully named duo Plexi & Frutti)
Kovács Kati - Kovács Kati Tíz (This I know to be quality)
Neoton Familia - Neoton Familia (A classic of prole-pacifying disco)
R-GO - Szeretlek is + nem is (No idea, can't watch the video)
Hungaria - Hotel Menthol (Same as above. Fenyő Miklós seems to figure a lot in state Pepita releases)
Első Emelet - Első Emelet 1 (No idea again. Looks new wavy)

I probably should have researched more beforehand.

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Kolyan said...

And what do you think about all this stuff now? did you listened it?