AWESOME Kurdish hip-hop folk dancing video

I live my blog life for moments like this.

This video was tipped off to me by a Kurdish acquaintance, and it depicts an evening dance by a group of young girls in the village of Korancikur outside Elazig in Turkish Kurdistan.

I'm completely awestruck. Just look at it! Four girls (not boys!) from a tiny village, doing a perfectly balanced thing between modernity and tradition in both dance and music. The dress, the cool moves. The traditional musicians, doing what's obviously a re-acoustification of an electronic track - just look at the old dude with the bass drum beating out the house four-on-the-floor!

I don't know anything else about it, and neither does my tipster who found it searching for village names. All I can tell is that it seems to be very popular (the many versions of the same video have millions of views together), and that the words Halay (which is a traditional dance), Mircan and Semame/Semami seem to turn up a lot around it. Also, here's another video of what seems to be the same group dancing to pre-recorded music. Perhaps someone with regional insight can help me find out more?

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