Good lord, I found it again

I had a major scare the other day. Let it be a lesson to you.

I'm going to be writing my master's thesis in musicology on Asian influences on Romanian manele. One vital piece of the puzzle is a Youtube video I found a couple of years ago and commented on on wayneandwax. It's so far the only tangible evidence I have of a South East Asian influence on manele.

Well, I've just got a supervisor for the essay and I was going to send him the link. Only to find that it was dead. At which point I panicked, wrote a fruitless message on the Youtube community help forums, and spent hours searching through every manele video I could find in order to find it again. I despaired completely. Well, here it is, finally found today through searching for the video code number rather than the whole URL:

Florin Peste & Play Aj - Cheama Ospatarul

Kids, back your important web videos the fuck up.

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