Eurovision Dubplate Lost

I'm not sure how many Eurovision dubplates there are. But if I'd been fast enough yesterday, I would have swiped one of them. Let it be another Youtube/Archiving lesson.

Topaz Sound was a surprise entry in this year's Swedish Eurovision pre-selection, especially considering they got Red Fox in to do the toasting. Okay, so the song was a fifties-inspired number that sounded like a mediocre blend of Shaggy's Oh Carolina cover, and Lou Bega's Mambo No. 5 cover, and I can't post a link to you because they advanced to an elimination round and SVT guards its copyright claims like a hawk. (*coughpiratebaycough*) But it's still fun to have a reggae/reggaeton group entering...

And their promotion was really fun. Yesterday they posted a dubplate (recorded in 2003) of Eurovision song contest winner Carola doing a special of her 1983 3rd place finisher. It was duly reposted on a bunch of Eurovision blogs and got a good laugh from everyone. Today, though, it was gone when I went to download it. I'm guessing Carola or her lawyers got to it before I did.

It's a pity. I love the idea of mainstream artists doing dubplates for sound systems, as a kind of reverse colonialism, even if most of the sounds are European. Apparently it's not nearly as rare as I thought, according to a little googling, so I'm going to fill up the rest of this post with first-world-made dubplates. Fun!

Kenny Rogers & Pharoahe Monch

Gogol Bordello


Whitney Houston


Anonymous said...

I heard Tony Matterhorn kill Ricky Trooper with a 50 cent Wankster Dubplate, (back when 50 was still somewhat revered) that really surprised and entertained me for awhile.

Anton Hultberg Hansen said...

Topaz har en special med Herbies - "I like to move it"...det du!