DJ Mix: Robot Sex

I'm sorry. DJing is hardly my forte. But I'm a bit over-excited at the prospect of doing a set for the first time in a couple of years so I've been playing around a lot in Virtual DJ, and just today I decided to record a short effort.

I've been gravitating recently towards music that deals with the seemingly inexhaustible theme of sex robots. There's something about antropomorphic sex toys that seemingly fired up all sorts of imaginations back in the late seventies and early eighties (when all of this material was recorded), and the combination of tenderness and steel that ensues is just the kind of contrast that makes music interesting.

Robot Sex (39 Mins, 53.5 Mb, Mediafire)


1. Midnight Star - Freak-a-zoid
2. Sharon Redd - Activate
3. Dee Dee Jackson - Automatic Lover
4. Annie Anner - Robotman
5. Claudja Barry - Love Machine
6. Yapoos - Barbara Sexanoid
7. James Brown & FOE - Sex Machine


Anonymous said...

Spose you've already done the set, but if you're still looking for android sex, there's the great Keziah Jones' "African Android," which is pretty much about sex, I think, and has "android" in the title. It's also quite good, which is the sort of thing one looks for in music, I believe.

Birdseed said...

I like it. Pity he's not female or I could have even played it on the night.

Marflix said...

Nice mix.. like it a lot. It could have 'The Electronic Pussy Sucker' by Blowfly on it, but that might not be romantic enough ;)

Birdseed said...

"Plastic Doll" by Dharma could have made it on as well, had I thought of connecting it.

Anonymous said...

Somehow this doesn't seem complete without "Automatic" by the Pointer Sisters... I kept feeling like that shoukd come in right after "Freak-A-Zoid" lol

Birdseed said...

Wow, you're right, that's a shoe-in. Looking over the lyrics it seems BOTH people in that relationship are robots, which should count for something.