Music for me, music for you

Anyone reading this blog would be forgiven for thinking I'm an egomaniac and a narcissist.

I seem to reference myself more than anyone else when it comes to entirely non-personal issues. On one level it's probably the case that my entire blogging project is a journey of self-discovery, it's just that being an extrovert to some extent I discover myself by posting about Bhutan. As Boima points out in the comment section of that article, even when I completely avoid the personal pronoun it seems to be about my own views, somewhere beneath it all.

On another level, though, writing about myself is only fair. I use esoteric theories all the time, suggesting what people are really like and what they really think - yet I myself would be exempt? Thinking you're somehow able to stay above the concerns of the common man is one of the great failings of academia, as far as I'm concerned. So this perspective is necessary for me not to feel like a fraud, but if it's not enjoyable, just flick past it.

A very clear example of the overbearing kind of theory I mean is my last post, where I made the claim that people generally present a different kind of music ("emblematic") than they listen to ("cathartic"). Well, I don't make music, but I do write about it on a blog, so do I listen to something entirely other than the stuff I write about on the blog?

Only once in my (adult) life have I made a mixtape containing music that was just for me, and that was a fair few years ago. It's all just music to dance around the living room to - here's the track list:

1 Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
2 Gruppo Sportivo – Rock ‘N’ Roll
3 Papa Michigan & General Smiley – Diseases
4 James Brown – Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose (live)
5 Zapp & Roger – More Bounce To The Ounce
6 Cold Blood – Kissing My Love
7 Pee Froiss – Ca Va Péter!!!
8 Garnet Mimms – My Baby
9 Blazer – Stages
10 Rikarena – Cuando el Amor se Daña
11 William Shatner – Common People
12 Fake – Brick
13 Barry White – Any Fool Could See (You Were Meant for Me)
14 Rob Hubbard – Music from “Commando”
15 Motorhead – No Class
16 Funkadelic – Super Stupid
17 Osmonds – Crazy Horses
18 King Curtis – Memphis Soul Stew

I can't honestly tell whether the music on this CD is any different from the stuff I usually write about on here. Perhaps you guys can clue me in?

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