Screamo covers of hip-hop

And here I was thinking Brokencyde was a unicum. Apparently, they're just plowing a rich furrow where hip-hop vocals are straightforwardly replaced by people screaming. Not full-on commercial metal covers, but decidedly lo-fi affairs over the original instrumental. Youtube has a whole scene of this kind of stuff:

Possibly the original, I Set My Friend On Fire's take on Crank That (Soulja Boy):

Subscene's version of Lollipop:

Anonymous (as far as I can tell "Calvary Boys" is not a real name) version of Laffy Taffy:

Slightly studioed-up:
This Rigid Empire
covers Whatever You Like:

So Long Secrets does Right Round:

And so on. I'm honestly not sure how to interpret this, but it seems genuine and loving enough, I'm not catching the parody vibe here. It all seems to be from small, american towns and made by very young kids, some of which have label deals. Anyone have better insights?


rachel said...

ha! yeah, there's tons of these & i love them, the last one is great. I think screamo works well with hip hop b/c both contain copious vocals - like 'talking' is the structure of the song vs. trad lyrical pop. i think youre reading it right too, my younger cousins dig this stuff and its totally done out of love, tho in some cases it seems hard to distinguish from more traditional ironic rap covers by indie artists. the rigid empires's one in particular im not so sure on.

Birdseed said...

I'd agree with that last assessment... But on the other hand I can't help thinking the somewhat better production values are signalling fakeness to us! If any of the others were picked up for a record deal and allowed to add guitars, would we think of them as more ironic, too?

Anonymous said...

can you fix the link to the whatever you like cover

Anonymous said...

For the laffy taffy one, it's cavalry kids, not cavalry boys. Cavalry kids is just another name for I set my friends on fire, (they say that in the beginning of their crank that cover) but that doesn't sound like them at all so i don't think it is them.

Anonymous said...

The Rebellion-The Gate 11:11

Hip Hop Screamo band


theres a nasty hip hop remix to avenged sevenfolds-scream on this disc