Hey hey, my my, tikitech will never die

I'm thinking of making a series out of this, like Ted Swedenburg's kufiyaspotting. Hopefully it won't last as long, but here's more safari kitch in connection with global ghettotech music, again with the caveat that the music totally demands it, especially the artist's name. What they're called, you ask?

Why, Monkey Safari.

This post illustration, this time probably taken from the artists themselves, is on leading Hungarian global ghettotech blog Ghetto Bazaar. Monkey Safari's music is described as "roppant szórakosztató, söt, lökött ghettotech" ("cracking entertaining, even crazy ghettotech" - I'm sure the inhabitants of detroit are forever grateful to you for passing on their genre name, Wayne). A little further down they're described as doing a remix in the "now fashionable tribal tech-house style".

And there's a mixtape. The mixtape contains what seems like a fake zulu choir. This shit really has gone full circle. Bonus: another mixtape.


Marc said...

the mix isn't really all that bad... but perhaps a less obvious name could have been chosen.. that would at least give them something more concrete to fall back on i.e. after all the jungle hype dies down and people can't stand to hear a single bongo in a track anymore.

w&w said...

i swear, the loosing of ghettotech from detroit is not my fault! though i may have unwittingly contributed to it catching on as it has, it was suggested to me by its appearance all over myspace and the blogosphere. chicken before egg!