Talk on Global Ghettotech

This will be of marginal interest to the vast majority of my readers, but I'm holding a short talk about global ghettotech, it's development, the differences from world music - and of course its problems, here in Helsinki on Tuesday. The talk will be in Swedish at the request of the organisers, pop culture analysis group Chorus.

Venue: Café Aula Bar, Malminrinne 2, Helsinki
Date: Tuesday 8 December
Time: 1900-2100


djumb said...

Would love to read what you said, if that's possible.

And I wish people were brave enough to comment freely with an identity as opposed to anonymity...what is there to be afraid of...?

You either agree or disagree with Birdseed's stance on this issue and it's no crime to disagree!

Birdseed said...

I'm happy to say there were! Kim Ramstedt of the club Boom Shakalaka here in helsinki, for instance. :) I'll get bits of the talk up in portions in the new year, after some year-end and follow-up posts, I promise.

(Sorry about the late comment, a bug stopped me from logging in for some reason.)