Cupping the pop

My blogging is squelching at a disturbing new-girlfriend/masters-thesis/job-application/seminar-organising low at the moment - though I have a couple of posts lined up real soon, and hope to return to proper schedule as a distraction once I'm supposed to be busy writing.

Meanwhile, I've gone and joined a really fun bit of worldwide pop digging that should appeal to readers of this blog: the Pop World Cup on Freaky Trigger. Basically, each player gets assigned a country from the roster of teams qualified for the real 2010 World Cup, and then proceed to face off tracks against each other following the schedule of the real thing.

Who gets what team was semi-randomly to randomly determined. I was hoping for-- I dunno, The Ivory Coast? Serbia? South Africa? But what I got was... Greece.

It's not a bad country in total, and I've found what I think is good material for it, but the group I'm facing is pure murder. Group B opponents South Korea, Nigeria and Argentina are, like, the hardest teams on their respective continents for pure pop and I'm really going to struggle to pull through. So if you've got any Greek pop favourites that you think will improve my chances, go ahead and link them for me!

The first match with one of my tracks in it is already up. I'm facing South Korea, and I'm not going to ask you to vote for me - go for whichever you like better, or if you want my opinion, go for the K-pop!


Adrian said...

I guess you've already submitted your tunes but Kalomira (Eurovision 2008) had a great album with some ace pop-dance tunes.

Despina Vandi's quite interesting too.

Greek pop seems to have uptempo singles and lots of dull slow album tracks. Kalomira was an exception

Here's two:


Sto Diko Mou Rythmo


Though maybe these aren't quite the style this competition requires.

Birdseed said...

Interesting! I've just submitted my second tune (which is older, slower and more sensitive - who knows, it might work...) but for my third tune I've definitely been looking at the younger stars. Vandi is certainly one of them, and Kalomira might well feature too if I progress. Right now I'm kinda liking Master Tempo as a potential group closer... Maybe. :)

Thanks for any tips in any case!