LISBON! (Help me orientate)

In one week's time I'm heading down to Lisbon for what I hope will be a fun holiday, but my intention is bringing back lots and lots and lots of great pirate/mp3 CDs in the bargain. The various lusophone diasporas offer up a marvellous creol Smörgåsbord of music that, as I understand it, has readily filtered back into the former colonial overlord (and hopefully subverted it). So I'm looking for kuduro, tarraxa, tarraxinha, kizomba, passada, cabolove, funana, Mozambican kwaito, Mozambican hip-hop, plus all kinds of Brazilian music. (Have I missed anything obvious or indeed obscure?)

Thing is, I know very little about where to go in Lisbon for this sort of thing, especially during Easter weekend. So I'd also love tops about the best street markets, shady record stores, banlieu hangouts and so on, to help me get stocking... I promise to return the favour by uploading plenty new content later.

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Dave Quam said...

Never been there and can't help you out, but you should kidnap Normal Nada!!!!