Lisbon trip music #2: Nacobeta & Puto Português

This Kuduro album was easily the most pushed all over Portugal when I was there, and listening to it I can see exactly why. There's a lot of straightforward hit bangers, of course, but also a couple of those vaguely polyrhythmic-sounding weird tracks that Kuduro seems to be thriving on. Here are my two favourites:

Nacobeta & Puto Português feat. Vui Vui - Manda potência (Mediafire)

Nacobeta & Puto Português - Baba Bum (Mediafire)


Dave Quam said...

oh shit these are great! The bass is awesome.

I think I actually have a Nacobeta album and I remember it being dope.

Louis Althustler said...

Obrigado for these!!

Dj Hafid said...

yeah kuduro is gaining a lot of attention - i remember back in 2007 when none of the big blogs where talking about it...still miss those days when it was underground - but hey remember music brings down barriers and unite people - so here is a link of a kuduro album. I personally recommend Alidjuma - ta maluca -

Kuduros que estão a bater na Banda_2010


/DJ Hafid




dont hesitate to ask if you need more kuduro, funana, coupe decale or sokouss - njut - peace