Happy manele news! (for me)

I just came back from a meeting with my head of department, and he's approved my suggestion of writing my master's thesis in musicology on manele and its relation to asian pop music. (Pending if he can find an appropriate supervisor.) He even seemed fairly enthusiastic about it. So expect loads more manele-related posting in this blog in the next two years. Yay!


DA-CRi-EM said...

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Anonymous said...

dude no offense I'm romanian and I know 99% of romanians want to see all roma dead and that is why they also hate manele (I would say even most romanian manele listeners would like that)

I don't want to see anyone dead just because he is roma or any other ethnicity/race/religion whatever and I honestly don't mind manele music heck I grew up listening to them wether I liked it or not growing up in the neighbourhood that I grew up in (typical working class socialist appartament buildings and such)

No honestly I have nothing against anybody

but do you understand the lyrics from these songs?

I will translate some for you if you like
they make 50 cent look like a genius ...

they make for a good laugh at best

not to mention that the instrumentals(more like instrumental because they are really all the same) are of the simplest and cheasiest variety

same as for reaggaeton

only reaggaeton has some better lyrics at least don omar and a few others on a few songs and they started evolving the instrumentals a little too lately

plus all ( no really all) the instrumentals are stolen from artist in Greece(primary source I would say just check out Despina Vandi), Turkey, the Arab world, Latin America - they are plagiarised

Salam's reaggaeton is stolen from a arabian track I heard in the restaurant where I eat by accident