(Russian Music Picked Up) In a Latvian Market

The stuff I do for you guys. I've just spent hours parsing through four hundred MP3s of Russian crap, half sub-eurovision pop, half old-fashioned and/or US copyist* hip-hop, all encoded at too low a bitrate (even though one of the CDs explicitly said 192-320 kbps; it lied). I've done my best to carve out what I think is the most interesting material for your enjoyment, and it hardly presents a particularly unified genre of any kind - Russia is still at a very international stage of its musical development.

So what about Latvian music? Well, fellow couchsurfer Prokur set me onto some hip-hop, but I have to say it's kinda so-so. So I'm going with the Russian stuff for now, though you're welcome to convince me otherwise. I've redownloaded all the tracks at good bitrates.

Viagra - My Emancipation

This is the only track that really caught my ear off the pop CD. It's got a sort of updated "I Feel Love"-ish vibe, not just in the arpeggiator and synth sweeps but in the aloof minor-key melody, which also feels utterly Russian. Good stuff!

Seryoga - Mne S Toboj Harasho

808+HB-style autotune electro, but with rapping. Not bad, the drum programming is varied enough to keep it interesting.

Mnogotochie - Rasstoyanie

Strangely mood-fluttering production where an off-kilter female voice takes centre stage.

Trayektoriya Zhezni - Rifm' Na Ritmakh

The kind of hard, sparse produktion you'd usually associate with good eastern-european hip-hop, here with some unusually decent rhythm work.

Basta - Nu Ego Na

Scratchy nineties-inspired hip-hop of the kind I usually dislike, but this one has a great forward push and the bass sample is killer.

* I realise griping about US copyism is a problematic thing to do. I'll make a post about the issue soon.


Frank Delux said...

Hola! Really nice blog here!

Read your post about recession music. Have you heard Lonny Breaux's 'Quickly'? :)

Birdseed said...

I'd downloaded it but not heard it before, but wow, that's extremely literally onto the same track. Cool.