Tallava Meets Dub Uptown

Now this is a fascinating affinity. I've been looking at a lot more tallava material since my last post, and got a bit more information on its origins via this interesting blog, but I was expecting the usual connections to hip-hop, house, disco and reggaeton. Instead, I keep finding tallava track after tallava track with a huge sonic connection to dub.

At first I thought it was just a shared affinity for the echo chamber and a similar tempo but nope, there's plenty of dub phrasing and rhythmic orientation going on here.

One of these is at an atrocious bitrate and one is mostly just regular tallava with plenty of echo overlaid, but taken together they form an interesting pattern. I wonder what's compelled the Kosovars to pick up this particular historical genre?

Bekim Kumanova - Moj Mekatare (live)

Kadria - Tallava Taksim Pa Benzin (Mediafire)

Bajrami dhe Luli - 17 Shkurt (Mediafire)

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Anonymous said...

wow you're interessted in tallava thats great :-D well it has influences of popular music but also gipsy and balkan general... its balkanmusic..