More Videos of Polish hip-hop

The following weeks will see me doing a lot of campaigning (for the Feminist Intitative) and rather less blogging, or at least blogging on easier-to-compile subjects. I've recently posted some more Polish hip-hop and I can't seem to get enough of the stuff, so I'm going to post a few more videos that have recently caught my attention in the hope of attracting interest. This is just the stuff I find interesting, mind you - there seems to be plenty of good-quality material that copies contemporary Southern hip-hop or circa-The Blueprint East Coast sounds, but that's up to you to dig for if it interests you.

This Grime classic from last year, via Prancehall:

FS DAN Braap from fsdan on Vimeo.

Drum & Bass-inspired and brill, though a tad old:

Minimalist beat variants in a "promomix" - my favourite starts at 1:25:

Amazingly, they've managed to make scratching tight and teutonically minimal:

More Mona. Awesome bass rumble on this one:

More Bass line madness:

Finally, to go with this, extremely popular and commercial, yet brilliant in its unique cutaway sound:

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