Too Many Cooks Make Interesting Sangria, or: An Experiment In Crowdsourcing

A couple of weeks ago I started making a little Spotify playlist where I put on somewhat summery songs, mainstays like this or this, stuff to have in the background when sitting on the porch. After adding about ten songs, most with the word "summer" or "sun" in the title, I realised I didn't have time to do it properly so I temporarily gave up.

Then I had the idea to ask some forum friends of mine to add more songs in the same style, so I didn't have to do it all myself. So I opened up the playlist cooperatively, and made a thread asking for people to add more songs to it with a summery feel, matter-of-factly saying anything goes.

Well, I wasn't counting on the Anal Cunt.

The playlist has spiralled into a huge and very interesting monster, because not only do the music styles vary but the level of seriousness - some people are doing a pure pisstake of the pleasant summery concept and dropping in metalcore, christmas tracks or stupid novelties. (And I love it!) Others are earnestly adding sophisticated jazz-rock and electro. I'm fairly sure some people have done both. Someone has spent some time randomly rearranging the list. And so on.

So I thought to continue bringing it to another level I'd post a link here and see what else could turn up. Add or delete anything you like - I want to see what happens with this once the real anonymous crowdsourcing gets started.


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